Photometric and spectroscopic observations of the outburst of the symbiotic star AG Draconis between March and June 2016

2016, Dezember 24, Ernst Pollmann

The Eruptive Stars Information Letter 2016-08

International Observing Campaign "Photometry and Spectroscopy of P Cygni"

E. Pollmann and Th. Bauer, JAAVSO Volume 40, 2012

AAVSO -- International Observing Campaign: Photometry and Spectroscopy of P Cygni

2016, Februar 11, Ernst Pollmann

The Long-Term Binary System VV Cep

2016, Februar 11, Ernst Pollmann

Monitoring the radial velocity of HeI 6678 of gamma Cas

2016, Juni 06, Ernst Pollmann

Long-term radial velocity of the HeI 6678 line of zeta Tau

2016, Juli 02, Ernst Pollmann 

Variability of the HeI 6678 Emission in delta Sco 
2016, August 25, Ernst Pollmann