Further Publications of the BAV        

This page leads to compilations of publications of the BAV or individual members apart of the BAV Rundbrief or the BAV Mitteilungen.

If a publication is made both as an Information Bulletin on Variable Stars (IBVS) and as a BAV Mitteilung, it can be found already at the BAV Mitteilungen
Variable Stars Supplement (Peremennye Zvezdy Prilozhenie (PZP)
             Light Curves of Variable Active Galactic Nuclei from the Catalina Sky Survey, PZP, Vol. 17, N 1
             (26.01.2017), K. Bernhard, S. Huemmerich

An investigation of V846 Aquilae PZP, Vol. 14, N 13 (16.12.2014) S. Huemmerich, K. Häussler, S. Otero

Seven Double-Mode RR Lyrae Variables PZP, Vol. 14, N 2 (15.01.2014) S. Huemmerich, A. V. Khruslov

Four Double-Mode Variables PZP, Vol. 13, N 11 (11.09.2013) A. V. Khruslov, S. Huemmerich, K. Bernhard

MACHO 118.18538.194, a Potential Eclipsing Symbiotic Binary PZP, vol. 13, N 3 (25.02.2013) K. Bernhard, C. Lloyd, S. Huemmerich

Five New RR Lyrae Stars in the Catalina Surveys Data Release 1 PZP, vol. 12, N 26 (27.12.2012) S. Huemmerich http://www.astronet.ru/db/varstars/msg/1274872
New Eclipsing Binaries in the OGLE-II Database (Part1). The Carina Galactic Disk Fields PZP Vol. 12 N 11 (30.10.2012) Huemmerich,S., Bernhard, K.

New Mira Variables from the ASAS-3 Database PZP Vol. 12 N 1 (16.02.2012) S. Huemmerich, K. Bernhard

30 New Chromospherically Active Stars in the ASAS-3 Data Base PZP vol. 11, N 15 (18.04.2011) K. Bernhard, S. Otero http://www.astronet.ru/db/varstars/msg/1248154

New Mira Variables from the MACHO Galactic Bulge Fields 101-105 PZP vol. 11, N 12 (5.04.2011) K. Bernhard / BAV http://www.astronet.ru/db/varstars/msg/1249318

New RS CVn Variables in the NSV Catalogue PZP vol. 10, N 27 (3.11.2010) K. Bernhard, S. Otero

Eclipsing Variables from the MACHO Galactic Bulge Scutum Fields III PZP vol. 10, N 23 (1.07.2010) K. Bernhard / BAV http://www.astronet.ru/db/varstars/msg/1245454

Twenty-Six New Variables PZP vol. 10, N 13 (13.04.2010) F. Agerer / BAV

Eclipsing Variables from the MACHO Galactic Bulge Scutum Fields II PZP vol. 10, N 12 (12.04.2010) K. Bernhard / BAV http://www.astronet.ru/db/varstars/msg/1239331

Seventeen New Eclipsing Variables PZP vol. 10, N 4 (12.02.2010) F. Agerer / BAV

Eclipsing Variables from the MACHO Galactic Bulge Scutum Fields PZP vol. 10, N 1 (25.01.2010) K. Bernhard, J. Greaves http://www.astronet.ru/db/varstars/msg/1237847

The New Variable Star GSC 05236-00391 PZP vol. 9, N 8 (19.02.2009) S. Bakan / Wedel, Germany

Some RR Lyrae Stars Found in the OGLE II Galactic Disc Photometric Database PZP vol. 9, N 5 (11.02.2009) K. Bernhard, P. Wils

A new variable star in the field of NGC 6525: TYC 1012-563-1 PZP, Vol. 14, N 10 (2.09.2014) F. A. Kahle

UCAC4 489-026986: A new variable star in the field of NGC 2254 PZP, Vol. 14, N 5 (9.04.2014) F. A. Kahle

Information Bulletin on Variable Stars (IBVS)

6188 An investigation of the RCB star candidate GDS 0702414-023501, Hümmerich, S., Bernhard, K., 2016, IBVS, 6188

6109 Long-term monitoring of H{alpha} emission strength and photometric V magnitude of {gamma} Cas Pollmann, E., Vollmann, W., Henry, G. W.3

6103 Periodic Behaviour of the HeI 6678  Emission Line in {gamma} Cas Pollmann, E., Guarro Fl, J.
  1 GSC 03202-00370 Monninger, D.
  4 USNO-B1.0 1191-0155860 Monninger, D.
  5 GSC 02504-01101 Huemmerich, S., Bernhard, K.
  6 USNO-B1.0 1221-0206959 Hümmerich, S., Bernhard, K.
  8 USNO-B1.0 1220-0275842 Hümmerich, S., Bernhard, K.
  9 GSC 02015-00233 Huemmerich, S., Bernhard, K.
10 USNO-B1.0 1185-0218778, USNO-B1.0 1047-0235244, USNO-B1.0 1014-0232010, USNO-B1.0 1360-0241542, USNO-B1.0 1138-0226755, USNO-B1.0 1060-0220956 Drake, A.J., Hümmerich, S.
11 GSC 00330-01491,USNO-B1.0 0994-0247663,USNO-B1.0 1049-0245939 Huemmerich, S.
14 GSC 02075-01605 Srdoc, G., Frank, P., Hümmerich, S., Bernhard, K.
6034 Non-radial Pulsations of {zeta} Oph Pollmann, E
6023 Period analysis of the H{alpha} line profile variation of the Be binary star {pi} Aqr Pollmann, E.

7 GSC 03851-00240 Hoffmann, D., Monninger G.

10 USNO-B1.0 0961-0254829 = GSC2.3 N3QU004103 Monninger, G.

  4 GSC 2656-4286 = USNO-B1.0 1208-0386457 Agerer, F.
  5 USNO-B1.0 1508-0029126, USNO-B1.0 1511-0041416 = 2MASS J01110892+6107448 Agerer, F.
11 USNO-B1.0 1369-0180384 Monninger, G.

15 GSC 875-978 Bernhard, K.; Lloyd, C.; Frank, P.
35 USNO-A2.0 1425-00752967 Agerer, F.; Berthold, T.
39 USNO-A2.0 1125-18642389 Agerer, F.
39 USNO-A2.0 1425-02081650 Agerer, F.
41 GSC 3675-1186 = USNO A2.0 1425-02155241 Agerer, F.; Berthold, T.
43 USNO-A2.0 1200-07442272, USNO-A2.0 1200-07442402 Agerer, F.
44 GSC 3679-1920 = USNO-A2.0 1425-02145256 Agerer, F
2 GSC 0733-0252 = Brh V104, GSC 1331-0726 = Brh V146 Frank, P.; Bernhard, K.

11 USNO-A2.0 1200-13096580 = Qu2, USNO-A2.0 1200-13084491 = Fr5, GSC 1296.0975 = USNO-B1.0 1056-0077597 = Brh V144 Quester, W.; Frank, P.; Bernhard, K.
12 GSC 04004-00249 = TYC 4004-249-1 Husar, D.
14 GSC 1127-1808 = Lsm1 Liesmann, J.; Quester, W.; Frank, P.

  8 GSC 1927-0862 = Brh V130 Frank, P.; Bernhard, K.; Quester, W.; Lloyd, C.
11 GSC 2144.1499 = Brh V152, GSC 1830.1432 = Brh V129, GSC 1419.0091 = Brh V132 Bernhard, K.; Frank, P.; Moschner, W.; Proksch, W.

2 GSC 5710.0553 = Brh V136 Bernhard, K.; Frank, P.; Lloyd, C.
Electronic Journal of the AAVSO  eJAAVSO

New Photometric Observations and the 2015 Eclipse of the Symbiotic Nova Candidate ASAS J174600-2321.3, Hambsch, F.-J.; Hümmerich, S.; Bernhard, K.; Otero, S., 2015, JAVSO, 43, 213
The Curious Case of ASAS J174600-2321.3: an Eclipsing Symbiotic Nova in Outburst? Hümmerich, S.; Otero, S.; Tisserand, P.; Bernhard, K. 295
Three New Eccentric Eclipsing Binary Systems in the OGLE-II Database Ciocca, M.; Hümmerich, S. V421141
Three New Eccentric Eclipsing Binary Systems in the OGLE-II Database - NASA/ADS (harvard.edu)

TU Comae Berenices: Blazhko RR Lyrae Star in a Potential Binary System, de Ponthière, P.; Hambsch, F.-J.; Menzies, K.; Sabo, R., 2016, JAVSO, 44, 18

New R Coronae Borealis and DY Persei Star Candidates and Other Related Objects Found in Photometric Surveys Otero, S.; Hümmerich, S.; Bernhard, K.; Sozynski, I. V42113

Open European Journal on Variable stars (OEJV)

AW Cet, a RR Lyrae star with possible Blazhko effect C. Moos, F-J. Hambsch 151

UX Trianguli, Pulsation period change since 2005 and re-analysis of the Blazhko effect H. Achterberg, D. Husar 150

Variable Stars Observer Bulletin

Discovery of a Second Radial Mode in the High Amplitude Delta Scuti Star NSVS 10590484 (GSC 01489-00914), Bernhard, K.; Hümmerich, S. 4 16

Twenty New W Ursae Majoris-type Eclipsing Binaries from the Catalina Sky Survey, Hümmerich, S.; Bernhard, K.; Srdoc, G. 2 6

New Astronomy

HD 240121 - An ACV variable showing anti-phase variations of the B and V light curves, Gröbel, R.; Hümmerich, S.; Paunzen, E.; Bernhard, K., 2017, NewA, 50, 30

NSV 1907 - A new eclipsing, nova-like cataclysmic variable, Hümmerich, S.; Gröbel, R.; Hambsch, F.-J.; Dubois, F.; Ashley, R.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Vanaverbeke, S.; Bernhard, K.; Wils, P., 2017, NewA 50, 30

The Astronomical Journal

New Photometrically Variable Magnetic Chemically Peculiar Stars in the ASAS-3 Archive, Hümmerich, S.; Paunzen, E.; Bernhard, K., 2016, AJ, 152, 104


A radio-pulsing white dwarf binary star, Marsh, T. R.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Hümmerich, S.; Hambsch, F.-J.; Bernhard, K.; Lloyd, C.; Breedt, E.; Stanway, E. R.; Steeghs, D. T.; Parsons, S. G.; and 16 coauthors (incl. P. Frank), 2016, Nature, 537, 374


HD 66051, an eclipsing binary hosting a highly peculiar, HgMn-related star, Niemczura, E.; Hümmerich, S.; Castelli, F.; Paunzen, E.; Bernhard, K.; Hambsch, F.-J.; Hełminiak, K., Nature Scientific Reports, 7, 5906

Bulgarian Astronomical Journal

Fine detrending of raw Kepler and MOST photometric data of KIC 6950556 and HD 37633, Mikulášek, Z.; Paunzen, E.; Zejda, M.; Semenko, E.; Bernhard, K.; Hümmerich, S.; Zhang, J.; Hubrig, S.; Kuschnig, R.; Janík, J.; Jagelka, M., 2016, BlgAJ, 25, 19

Chemically peculiar stars identified in large photometric surveys, Paunzen, E.; Netopil, M.; Bernhard, K.; Hümmerich, S., 2016, BlgAJ, 24, 97

Astronomische Nachrichten

Magnetic, chemically peculiar (CP2) stars in the SuperWASP survey, Bernhard, K.; Hümmerich, S.; Paunzen, E., 2015, AN, 336, 981

Astronomy & Astrophysics

A search for photometric variability in magnetic chemically peculiar stars using ASAS-3 data, Bernhard, K.; Hümmerich, S.; Otero, S.; Paunzen, E., 2015, A&A, 581A, 138
A search for photometric variability in magnetic chemically peculiar stars using ASAS-3 data | Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A) (aanda.org)

2MASS J22560844+5954299: the newly discovered cataclysmic star with the deepest eclipse, Kjurkchieva, D.; Khruzina, T.; Dimitrov, D.; Groebel, R.; Ibryamov, S.; Nikolov, G.,
2015, A&A, 584A, 40

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

A Spectroscopic and Photometric Investigation of the Mercury-Manganese Star KIC 6128830,
Hümmerich, S.; Niemczura, E.; Walczak, P.; Paunzen, E.; Bernhard, K.; Murphy, S.; Drobek, D.,
2017 accepted for publication in MNRAS

An investigation of the rotational properties of magnetic chemically peculiar stars, Netopil, M.; Paunzen, E.; Hümmerich, S.; Bernhard, K., 2017, MNRAS, 468, 3, 2745-2756


WD 1145+017 photometric observations during eight months of high activity, Gary, B. L.; Rappaport, S.; Kaye, T. G.; Alonso, R.; Hambschs, F.-J., 2017, MNRAS.465.3267G

A 16-Year Photometric Campaign on the Eclipsing Novalike Variable DW Ursae Majoris,  Boyd, D. R. S.; de Miguel, E.; Patterson, J.; Wood, M. A.; Barrett, D.; Boardman, J.; Brettman, O.; Cejudo, D.; Collins, D.; Cook, L. M.; and 22 coauthors, 2016, MNRAS, tmp.1563 

K2 observations of 95 Vir: δ Scuti pulsations in a chromospherically active star,
Paunzen, E.; Hümmerich, S.; Bernhard, K.; Walczak, P., 2017, MNRAS, 468

An investigation of four chemically peculiar stars with photometric periods below 12 h, Hümmerich, S.; Bernhard, K.; Paunzen, E.; Hambsch, F.-J.; Bohlsen, T.; Powles, J., 2017, MNRAS, 466, 1399
[1612.04708] An Investigation of Four Chemically Peculiar Stars with Photometric Periods below 12 Hours (arxiv.org)

The remarkable outburst of the highly-evolved post period-minimum dwarf nova SSS J122221.7-311525, Neustroev, V. V.; Marsh, T. R.; Zharikov, S. V.; Knigge, C.; Kuulkers, E.; Osborne, J. P.; Page, K. L.; Steeghs, D.; Suleimanov, V. F.; Tovmassian, G.; Breedt, E.; Frebel, A.; García-Díaz, Ma. T.; Hambsch, F.-J.; Jacobson, H.; Parsons, S. G.; Ryu, T.; Sabin, L.; Sjoberg, G.; Miroshnichenko, A. S.; Reichart, D. E.; Haislip, J. B.; Ivarsen, K. M.; LaCluyze, A. P.; Moore, J. P., 2017, MNRAS.tmp, 92

T Pyxidis: death by a thousand novae, Patterson, J.; Oksanen, A.; Kemp, J.; Monard, B.; Rea, R.; Hambsch, F.-J.; McCormick, J.; Nelson, P.; Allen, W.; Krajci, T.; Lowther, S.; Dvorak, S.; Borgman, J.; Richards, T.; Myers, G.; Harlingten, C.; Bolt, G.,         2017, MNRAS, 466, 581

Publications of the ASP (PASP)       

The Orbital Ephemeris of the Classical Nova RR Pictoris: Presence of a Third Body?, Vogt, N.; Schreiber, M. R.; Hambsch, F.-J.; Retamales, G.; Tappert, C.; Schmidtobreick, L.; Fuentes-Morales, I., 2017, PASP 129 a4201


Revised Elements and Blazhko Effect of the RR Lyrae Star AR Herculis, Wischnewski, E., 2016, arXiv1606.03321

Resynchronization of the Asynchronous Polar CD Ind,  Myers, G.; Patterson, J.; de Miguel, E.; Hambsch, F.; Monard, B.; Bolt, G.; McCormick, J.; Rea, R.; Allen, W., 2017, arXiv170100556

The beta Pictoris association: Catalog of photometric rotational periods of low-mass members and candidate members,  Messina, S.; Millward, M.; Buccino, A.; Zhang, L.; Medhi, B. J.; Jofre', E.; Petrucci, R.; Pi, Q.; Hambsch, F.-J.; Kehusmaa, P.; and 12 coauthors, 2016, arXiv161204591

Publications of Astronomical Society of Japan

Survey of period variations of superhumps in SU UMa-type dwarf novae. VII. The seventh year (2014-2015), Kato, T.; Hambsch, F.-J.; Dubovsky, P. A.; Kudzej, I.; Monard, B.; Miller, I.; Itoh, H.; Kiyota, S.; Masumoto, K.; Fukushima, D.; and 82 coauthors, 2015, PASJ, 67, 105                           

Survey of period variations of superhumps in SU UMa-type dwarf novae. VIII. The eighth year (2015-2016), Kato, T.; Hambsch, F.-J.; Monard, B.; Vanmunster, T.; Maeda, Y.; Miller, I.; Itoh, H.; Kiyota, S.; Isogai, K.; Kimura, M.; and 68 coauthors, 2016, PASJ, 68, 65